Frequently Asked Questions

Price below or contact us here to order *All prices are in CAD
Stubby Standard Tall Extra Tall
Tread Size 4.5 ft-5ft 7ft-9ft 9ft-11ft 11ft-14ft
36 inch $3465.00ea $3675.00ea $4095.00ea $4305.00ea
38 inch $3570.00ea $3780.00ea $4200.00ea $4410.00ea
40 inch $3675.00ea $3885.00ea $4305.00ea $4515.00ea
42 inch $3780.00ea $3990.00ea $4410.00ea $4620.00ea
Price below or contact us here to order *All prices are in USD
Stubby Standard Tall Extra Tall
Tread Size 4.5 ft-5ft 7ft-9ft 9ft-11ft 11ft-14ft
36 inch $2475.00ea $2625.00ea $2925.00ea $3075.00ea
38 inch $2550.00ea $2700.00ea $3000.00ea $3150.00ea
40 inch $2625.00ea $2775.00ea $3075.00ea $3225.00ea
42 inch $2700.00ea $2850.00ea $3150.00ea $3300.00ea

No, DS is a stair kit, designed to get you 90% of the way. Install and finishing beyond our standard tread colors is up to you and your construction professionals - exciting right?! 

Installation of railings happens after DS is installed.  You can install railings in the same way as you would normally. Each tread provides multiples surfaces to affix a railing system. The tread itself is made of thick and strong steel and can be drilled/tapped and bolted as required.  DS does not include railings allowing design flexibility.  

DS is designed to be a universal system.  You could create your own landing by aligning several steps together and cladding them with your choice of material for a finished look. You can also create your own landing with whatever materials you want incorporating DS.  

yes, very.

DS meets NBC and IBC requirements

for deflection 

No, the DS tread is an integral part of the structure. The tread may however be wrapped by your material of choice by your construction professionals. 

yes, yes you can 

yes, although DS appear to floating, they supported in the interior of the wall by a heavy duty steel structure. Building code insures that there is no way your little ones could fit through the opening between treads. 

yes,  DS is sold per step with a 10 step minimum, this includes all hardware and brackets required for one tread assembly. 

less than ⅛” with a 300lb load at the very end of a 42” tread*. (S-frame analysis available in downloads, here)

*a 300lb load at the end of a tread is equivalent to a 600lb load in the middle of a tread, which is much closer to where a tread would be stepped on. 

No, but we are working on it. 

Please fill out the form here and someone will be in touch shortly with all the details

depending on inventory, it can take up to 8-10 weeks to have your order ready. 

Installation is really really simple, guides will be provided. We recommend using a team of at least two construction professionals. 

depending on complexity of install, a team of two construction professionals should be able to rough in the support brackets in a single day, and another half day to mount the treads


all of the metal fabrication has been done for you. Basic carpentry tools and a couple sets of combination wrenches are all you need to

install DS. 

yes, we agree, it does look expensive.

In reality DS is only a slight increase over a standard set of stairs and In our research we’ve found that DS is around 50% less than a custom fabricated a set. 

the DS kit comes in 4 sizes to accommodate a number of floor-to-floor heights, the tallest assembly will allow a tread to be mounted 14’ from the base. 

our current maximum is 42” 

DS is an engineered product.

Your project engineer should design the integration of DS into you structure, DS CAD blocks and connections guide will be provided.

Definitely, Maybe. 

building code has slight variations between regions in regards to open risers and railing requirements. Use DS in compliance with your local code to create the show piece of your living space 


yes. Exterior surfaces may becoming slippery during percipitation. Local code might require the addition of a gripped surface 

DS comes with everything you will require to install your stairs including bolts and screws

the kit is 100% made of 100% steel, which will not catch on fire.

the length is the only variable dimension of the tread. the DS tread measures 3” thick by 12” deep, by whatever length you have selected upon order. the radius on the edges is also fixed. You may however customize the look of the tread by wrapping with with whatever material you like. 

quite well, all orders are FOB from our warehouse. Shipping is carried out by the freight company of your choice, if you need assistance please let us know.  

yes, you can and you should. International freight is less than you may think.

you can have DS in any color you like, as long as it's flint black and wrinkle black.  However, you can also choose to wrap the threads in whatever material you want!

we’d like to think so